Position: Special Programs Director

Email: acoomes@nine13sports.org

Aryn joins the Nine13 team as their Special Programs Director and lead consultant on all things pizza. Aryn brings a wide variety of skills to the table, along side an animated personality that is ready to grow. With a passion to work with the local youth of Indiana and an eagerness to grow the Kids Riding Bikes program, Aryn is sure to work hard to carry out the Nine13sports’ vision. 

Aryn Coomes


Born and raised in Avon, IN; Aryn graduated high school in 2008 and headed to college 13 miles East to the state capitol. She completed 4 years at IUPUI and received a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Health Service Management from the IU School of Medicine. In 2012, instead of jumping straight into the world of health care set off on new adventures and soon was hired by Sun King Brewery in downtown Indianapolis. After almost 4 years of working events and running Sun King’s merchandise department, Aryn found herself in search of something more and accepted a job offer with Nine13.

When she’s not pedal to the metal at work, Aryn can be found enjoying a wide variety of hobbies with her family and friends. Some of her favorite past times include: playing basketball or enjoying the outdoors, cuddling with her fur-family of 3 (1 dog named Suni and 2 cats named Taco and Chalupa Batman), night bike rides and ice cream cones, and even being sucked into HGTV for hours.  

Even though Aryn’s plate is sure to always be full of pizza, she will be more than capable to juggle all the Nine13 organization has to add to it. Think she’s joking when it comes to juggling? Think twice because that’s her hidden talent.