The last week of the LIDS Foundation, Inc. ‘Tip the Hat’ grant competition and we thought it was appropriate to take the time to recognize the incredible people at the foundation and all of the hard work they’ve put forth to get more kids on two wheels. Our relationship with the LIDS Foundation migrated in August of 2014 and has steadily grown each and every year since. In 2014 & 2015, thanks to a micro-grant from the foundation, we were able to get that number gradually increased to five schools. Fast forward to the present day and we’re beyond thrilled to report that we’ve taken our innovative and nationally recognized bicycle program to 25 schools and served just over 5,000 students, ranging from kindergarten all the way up to high school, thanks to our third place finish in the, ‘Tip the Hat’ competition last year.

Not only has the team at LIDS been rock stars in getting more kids on bikes, they’ve incredible in terms of getting us engaged with their employees and involved with their corporate wellness events. In addition to this, they teamed up with us last month to help us build 20 new bikes that we will utilize for our “Week Without Walls” initiative, an educational program in which we spend time enlightening high school students on the lore and rich history of the city of Indianapolis, all on two wheels of course.

Watching the LIDS employees have some fun on our bikes has been one of the many great parts of our relationship with the LIDS Foundation.

Winning this $125,000 would be instrumental and monumental to the short-term and long-term growth of Kids Riding Bikes. It would provide us the opportunity to get 10,000 more kids active and moving on two wheels for the rest of this year and all of 2017. That equals out to 40,000 youth interactions where our dedicated staff members are promoting all of the benefits the bicycle has to offer and how imperative living a healthy and fundamental lifestyle is. This is 10 community events that we’re actively promoting the impact our programming is having on the community, all while getting youth and their families on two wheels.

Even if we don’t end up receiving the $125,000, we still are forever grateful to the team at the LIDS Foundation for everything they’ve allowed our organization to do. From getting more kids on two wheels to helping us build bikes, you’ve demonstrated time and time again that you’re committed to improving the lives of today’s youth. For that, we owe you many thanks.

Remember, you can vote for us at You can vote one time per device as well. Vote Nine13sports!



Reflecting on the Theft, One Year Later

Nine13sports : January 18, 2017 1:16 pm

A year ago, sometime after dinner on a cold and windy evening, our trailer was broken into and we lost a significant portion of our equipment.

The timing couldn’t have been worse as we were already mourning the death of one of our loudest advocates, Denver Hutt, who had passed away two days earlier.

I’ll never forget standing inside the trailer at 11PM that evening with my COO, Ashley, and processing what this meant to our organization and the youth we were supposed to serve at 7AM the next morning.

Through the anger and the sadness, we decided that we had to get back in the field as quick as possible. We knew that the next morning was out of the picture because it was 11PM and we didn’t have a TV to replace the stolen one and it was going to take a day or two for replacement bicycles to arrive.

A series of events occurred over the next 24 hours that will humble our organization for eternity. Ashley and the rest of the staff had new equipment and a repaired trailer by noon the next day. We had sorted the bike situation as best as possible by late afternoon. We were ready to roll out for programs less than 24 hours after the thefts occurred.

None of that would have been possible without you. The way the community stepped up in the hours and days after the theft was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever witnessed. We had such an outpouring of support, the $3,000.00 value of the lost equipment was donated by 9AM the next morning. By the end of the week more than $15,000.00 had been donated to replace the stolen gear and help us afford some other much needed equipment. Individuals we had never met sent in touching notes, Lids Foundation, MIBOR, and Hendricks Regional Health both played significant roles in helping get us back on the road quickly.

It was in those heartbreaking moments for our organization that we saw the true love of the Indianapolis community. We understood what was possible because of the people in our world.

It’s been a wild last year, growth and momentum with more schools and new hires and lots of successes. We feel fortunate and privileged every day to wake up and get Kids Riding Bikes into schools and our community. That night one year ago could have derailed our dreams, instead, it reinforced our mission and why we do what we do.

Thank you for being part of my dream. This community is unlike any other.





Nine13sports Letter of Review: Erin Fox

Chris Harris : January 18, 2017 8:35 am

We were fortunate enough to have Nine13sports bring their stationary bikes to School 91. They were able to stay for the entire week and give grades 1-8 two opportunities to experience the program. My favorite part was seeing the kids’ excitement when they walked in and saw a new activity. Sometimes I will hear students say that they have never been on a bike before so when they come off a bike with a big smile on their face it is very rewarding. 

The team that runs the program are very professional and independent. As a teacher I can trust them to do their thing in the corner while I do a lesson with the kids waiting their turn for the bikes. They are very positive and encouraging to the students. They emphasize finishing the course and good sportsmanship as opposed to who gets to the end of the course first. This fit right in with my physical education curriculum/philosophy at a Montessori school. 

There are many benefits to having this program come in. Students work on their muscular strength and endurance while maintaining target heart rates for a good length of time. This opportunity also gave students extra confidence and encouragement to get on a bike. I have students with spina bifida and Down syndrome as well as self-contained classrooms of students with autism. All of them were able to participate in this activity and loved it. 

The students and staff here at School 91 thank Nine13sports for this opportunity.


Erin Fox

Physical Education Teacher

IPS School 91 


Nine13sports is thrilled to welcome Nathan Smurdon to our Kids Riding Bikes team today as our Business Development Director. Throughout his career, Nathan’s leadership and experience in sales, marketing, entrepreneurship, and cycling has positively impacted Indianapolis as a desirable and popular location for hospitality and tourism. 

Nathan’s background includes being the Founder of ActiveIndy Tours, a city tour company specializing in exploring urban Indianapolis at “the human pace.” Their walking, running, and biking tours are conducted at a casual pace and with frequent stops with their storytellers share the passion and lore of the city.

Prior to creating ActiveIndy, Nathan spent nearly a decade working for Visit Indy on the convention sales team that drove unprecedented levels of growth in the local hospitality industry. He became a trusted advisor to organizations looking to hold conventions, trade shows & sporting events in Indy by working to understand the unique aspects of their event and match them with local businesses that could help them exceed their goals. Along the way he served on local organizing committees for the 2006 & 2007 USA Track & Field National Championships, 2006 NCAA Final Four and the 2012 NFL Super Bowl.
“I’m excited to join the Nine13sports team for a number of reasons – the fire and foremost being that I’ll have an opportunity to spend some time at our programming sites interacting with the kids,” said Smurdon. “The joy created by their interaction with our bicycles and programming is very real. For some it comes easily because they’re already familiar with being on a bike, but for many there is a bit of a struggle because they haven’t been on a bike very often – or sometimes not even at all. Having a chance to meet each student where they are and use the bicycle to help them grow their confidence is definitely going to be a highlight. Also, I’m looking forward to being able to take these firsthand experiences from the field and share them with our current prospective community partners as we work to grow Nine13 and extend our reach to impact more kids. Empowering these students ultimately helps to grow a stronger community and I can’t wait to find new partners that want to join us as we push toward this goal.”
Nathan is a graduate of Butler University where he earned his BS in Chemistry and an MBA in Marketing & Leadrship. While there he was also a student-athlete on the Cross Country and Track & Field teams. He hails from Valparaiso, Indiana and currently resides in downtown Indianapolis with his wife Melissa and daughter Kendall.


Looking Forward to Another Year of Kids Riding Bikes

Chris Harris : January 9, 2017 1:48 pm

Our staff is looking forward to many things in the upcoming year. We’re walking around with some pep to our step; confident and determined that 2017 will be one for the books here at Nine13sports. Here are a few things that we’re looking forward to: 

We’re looking forward to more of these moments in 2017.

  • We’re looking forward to another year of witnessing the infectious smiles of children as they engage in our Kids Riding Bikes programming.
  • We’re looking forward to another year of watching children encourage their fellow peers to give their maximum effort on our bikes and to never give up. 
  • We’re looking forward to another year of giving out high fives to thousands of hard working and rewarding students and adults. 
  • We’re looking forward to another year of delivering a message to our community that health, exercise, and physical fitness is fundamental to their overall health and well-being. 
  • We’re looking forward to another year of empowering our youth through the simple tool of a bicycle and demonstrating to them that anything is possible with a little hard work, determination, and resiliency. 
  • We’re looking forward to another year of building meaningful and lasting relationships with the students, teachers and administrators that we work with. 
  • We’re looking forward to another year of strengthening our growing relationships with our corporate, foundation, and community partners and continuing to highlight the impact their alliance is having on thousands of youth. 
  • We’re looking forward to another year of creating new relationships and partnerships with fellow organizations and individuals that share the same unbridled enthusiasm and passion for community engagement and advancing the health and wellness of our youth.

We have so many things that excite us about this year and can’t wait to continue to use the art of the bicycle to teach and positively influence the youth that we’re privileged to serve. 2017 will be a special year, we just know it. 





Kids Riding Bikes kicked off the 2017 school year at Indianapolis Public Schools Clarence Farrington School 61 yesterday. Our staff will be working with upwards of 250 elementary school students at the school over the next four weeks as we focus on educating the students on all of the endless benefits of the bicycle and physical fitness. 

This isn’t our first time at School 61; we delivered our programming there in September of 2015 as well. It was exciting to see and engage with a number of students that we saw the last time we were at the school, in addition to getting new students on our bikes. 

Our CEO, Tom Hanley, asking how many of the students have a bike at home that they ride. Look how many hands are up!

Furthermore, it was a memorable day for our organization as we debuted our Sprinter for the first time. This vehicle will help us support expanded efforts in Central Indiana and will serve an additional 7,500 youth per year. It only made sense that we roll it out serving students at Indianapolis Public Schools, a proud partner of ours since the early days of Nine13sports. The school district has made a fundamental impact on our overall growth and success in Central Indiana. 

Lastly, a big thank you to the Indianapolis Foundation and the CICF for your generous support of our Kids Riding Bikes programming and being a steward for positivity in our community. Needless to say, our overall growth, progression, and the lasting impact we’ve made on the Indianapolis and Central Indiana community would’ve been much more challenging if our relationship with Indianapolis Public Schools and the Foundation didn’t exist. 


Simply, Thank You, All of You.

Nine13sports : December 21, 2016 9:06 am

Dear Community,

Thank you. I don’t know what other words there are.

your support has made all of this possible

I sit here this morning, in my final few hours of work in 2016 reflecting on all that has occurred in the last 12 months. In some ways, it’s completely overwhelming to process everything that has defined Nine13sports this year. We started off on the lowest of lows, saying goodbye to our biggest advocate, Denver Hutt, and then having a significant chunk of our equipment stolen in January, to experiencing the overwhelming outpouring of support in the hours and days afterwords. 

As we continued along, support from Lids Foundation, one of our largest new partners of 2016 started to shape us a bit more and give us some additional footing. Support from CICF and their Indianapolis Foundation helped create new opportunities within Indianapolis Public Schools. We received support from the Indiana Sports Corp Champs Grant to grow bicycle safety programs and provide helmets in select schools. Hendricks Regional Health helped put us in 10 schools for the first time in Hendricks county. Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital helped support programs in new archdiocese schools. Arbor Homes, Peloton Wealth Services, Regions Bank, and many others helped defined what corporate social responsibility looks like. United State of Indiana championed our Ride Indiana mission with an awesome new design. We saw revenue continue to grow, we added new staff to our team, and we were able to increase year over year services in Central Indiana from 7,500 youth and 25,000 interactions in 2015 to 10,000 youth and 30,000 total interactions in 2016.

We added equipment, including new vehicles that will position us to be an even more efficient organization in 2017. We saw engagement from totally new geographical areas on Central Indiana like Ripley County and Madison county who took interest in our offerings. We built a STEM based curriculum to get our bikes out of the gymnasium and into the classroom. We never stopped moving and my staff never settled with the status quo, they’ve continued to push to be even greater every single day. We planned our launch into Minnesota and have continued to reshape how we approach Portland operations for further success.

Personally, it’s been a humbling year. My mentors, Andy, Michael, and Gary, have continued to shape me and be a resource for me. They’ve been supportive, have pushed me and challenged me, and have been there for counsel on both successes and failures. In many ways, even in those toughest hours of January, they all played a role in helping me navigate those dark waters.

I saw success in the graduation of Stanley K. Lacy Leadership Series (SKL) class XL in June. My efforts of assisting with transit saw an overwhelming majority of the city vote yes for the transit referendum in November. I’ve continued to find ways to get more involved with great community resources like the Indy Chamber and Leadership Indianapolis. There have been panels and committees that a year ago I could only dream about being on. We received more press than I ever could have imagined.

And that’s the short list of 2016.

And of course, there is my staff…

Ashley-you have been the reason we’ve continued to grow. I can’t thank you enough for your support and belief in me, even when I’m not always sure what the outcome will be. You’re the best COO around and your support and guidance has been especially welcomed in 2016 as I have navigated the new world without Denver to give me advice. I can’t wait to see what we continue to build in 2017.

Chris-from “senior” intern 2 years ago to now, you’ve been the integral part of operations. From managing interns and sites to helping with creative content, you’re the best first hire Ashley and I could have made in 2015. You’ve grown as a man, a father, and a leader, and I think 2017 will not only further solidify those roles but will help find new opportunity for you within Nine13 and the community as a whole.

Nathan-you’ve been telling me for almost 2 years you wanted to come work for Nine13. You were relentless. Your excitement and enthusiasm has been a welcomed addition to our team over these last few months and I can’t wait to see what we achieve with the entirety of 2017 to claim as ours.

Charlie-from PDX to MSP, it’s been an adventure and I’m beyond excited to work with you to have Minneapolis rocking in the upcoming year.

My Board-thank you for trusting me and my vision to run this organization. We will continue to set the world ablaze with momentum in 2017.

2016 was one for the books, but I’m ready to close the chapter on it and tackle what 2017 will bring. Please have a safe and happy holiday season. We’ll be back January 5th with our first programs of the new year.



Tom Hanley


December 15, 2016                                                                              
For Immediate Release
Nathan Wilson
Communications Director

PDF:SRJHS Press Release

Indianapolis – Nine13sports and South Ripley Junior High School(SRJHS) have announced a partnership with Genesis: Pathways to Success (GPS), the Versailles McDonald’s location, Hillenbrand and Friendship State Bank to pilot a new STEM curriculum program in January 2017.

This partnership will allow SRJHS students to participate in Nine13sports’ unique bicycle programming and learn the engineering, math, science, health and transportation benefits of the bicycle.This STEM-­based program will also allow students to learn about the computer program Nine13sports uses during its regular programming.

“This new STEM-­‐based offering will supplement what we do at Nine13 and create opportunities to teach students about motion, energy, gear ratios, human movement and much more,” Tom Hanley, CEO of Nine13sports said. “Most importantly, it will highlight what a beautiful machine the bicycle is and how it can be a resource beyond basic fitness.”

This partnership will mark the first time that Nine13sports has taken its programming to Ripley County. It also marks the first expansion outside of Central Indiana for the Indianapolis-­‐based organization with teams in Central Indiana; Portland, Oregon; and Minneapolis, Minnesota.

“We are thrilled that SRJHS students will have this wonderful opportunity to pilot the new Nine13sports STEM curriculum,” Cheryll Obendorf, executive director of GPS said. “The program’s elements that blend biology, health and physical education will allow students to put scientific concepts into practice by identifying and tracking the physiological changes in their body while exercising. Seeing principles learned in the classroom applied to their everyday lives will help students better understand why what they’re learning is important.”

The pilot program will focus on grades 6-­8 and will include a multiple-­interaction set of programming where each participating student will be seen eight times. Nine13sports expects this added facet of programming to expanding late 2017.

“Given the interest and demand, this STEM program expansion is imperative to better serve students and schools across Indiana,” Hanley said. “That said, we are extremely excited to kick off this program expansion with the students of South Ripley Junior High School. It’s a perfect fit.”


About Nine13sports: Nine13sports® is a 501(c)(3) non-­‐profit organization that promotes health, wellness, and exercise for local youth between the ages of 5 and 18 through our Kids Riding Bikes® programs. We have created a unique initiative in which we have integrated the traditional bicycle with technology to provide a turnkey product for youth programs, schools and other community organizations. In addition to individual betterment of health and fitness, our programs promote community, teamwork and mutual respect designed to foster a lasting impact. For additional information, please visit

About Genesis: Pathways to Success: Genesis: Pathways to Success is an initiative of the Ripley County Community Foundation dedicated to empowering students to succeed in STEM by developing programs in areas such as engineering, agriculture, health science and technology, and by supporting events that encourage students to apply curious minds and critical thinking skills to real-world opportunities. Genesis generates ongoing and meaningful dialog and collaboration to prepare a talent pipeline for a globally dynamic marketplace. For additional information, please visit or contact



Nine13sports Letter of Review: Scott Sherry

Chris Harris : December 13, 2016 12:41 pm

I am writing to let everyone at Nine13sports know how much I appreciated the work they did at Clark Elementary school. I really could not believe how involved and excited the Nine13sports staff was to work with our students. They came in everyday with smiles and their upbeat attitudes ready to teach our kids. The students at Clark saw this enthusiasm and could not wait to get on the bikes. The students loved using the bikes, some of which have never even ridden a bike before. To see the students so excited and willing to ride over and over again was awesome. Most of all the fact that Nine13sports even stayed on a Friday night for our family fun festival shows you how dedicated they are to teaching students and their families about the joy of riding a bike. We had many siblings, parents, and even grandparents ride with their students at our festival. This to me was the icing on the cake. This brought in that family connection and I have had many students and parents tell me that they have since  been out on bike rides as family. So, I can not thank Nine13sports enough for their work with our students here at Clark. Thank you and I look forward to working with you again next year.


Scott Sherry 

Physical Education Teacher 

Clark Elementary School 


Nine13sports Letter of Review: Carrie Long

Chris Harris : December 13, 2016 12:36 pm

I can’t say enough about having Nine13sports in our classroom!! Chris and his staff were so accommodating, from my first inquiry email all the way to the very last day in our classroom! I loved that my students spent 5-7 minutes on the bike and were drenched in sweat! The station format allowed us to have between 60-70 students on the bikes during each class period, simply amazing and efficient. Our students are asking every day, “Are the bikes here today?” The computer board adds that little extra piece of competitive motivation that really got my students moving! Students that had shown little interest in any type of cardio activity were riding bikes, sweating, and smiling! As a PE teacher there is nothing more satisfying than seeing sweaty, smiling students! 

Thank you again and we look forward to seeing you again in the spring!


Carrie Long

Physical Education Teacher

Ben Davis Ninth Grade Center



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