Program Reviews

Nine13sports Letter of Review: Luis Perez

Chris Harris : April 5, 2017 9:08 am

To Team Nine13sports,                                                                            

Meredith Nicholson Elementary had the opportunity to welcome Nine13sports into our school and share their biking program with our students on March 6, 7 and 8. I thoroughly enjoyed the enthusiasm of the students!  They were so excited to participate with the bikes during Physical Education class.  As an educator, having the opportunity to witness the children’s excitement was rewarding and motivating to me; I was very glad to know that they were being introduced to using a bike for exercise and enjoyment; this could promote a healthy hobby that will yield lifelong benefits to their health!

The Nine13sports Team was very willing to be flexible and incorporate all of my classes, even during a prep time.  I appreciated this so much, because it resulted in all students having the opportunity to experience the benefits of exercising their bodies while socializing as a group. The Team was so willing to accommodate each student’s particular needs without hesitation.  I feel that this was truly a highlight for these children and they will have great memories of the experience in Physical Education class!

Having Nine13sports definitely gave all the students a great physical workout while providing a learning experience at the same time.  I was blessed to see how the Team approached each student and their unique needs individually.  The Team cheered on all students by clapping and giving high fives to the entire group as individuals finished the course.

Lastly, one of the most touching moments happened when one of the 5th grade students, with special needs, said that she had never ridden a bike before and did not know how to do it. Members of the Nine13sports Team were so willing to work patiently with her; she was successful in pedaling a bike for the first time! She enjoyed it so much that she decided to stay on for the entire time and did not want to leave the bike!  This was definitely a great experience for everyone involved.

On behalf of myself, staff and students at Meredith Nicholson Elementary IPS #96, we would like to say THANK YOU! Please come back and visit us again!


Luis Perez

Wellness/PE Teacher

IPS School 96


Nine13sports Letter of Review: Erin Fox

Chris Harris : January 18, 2017 8:35 am

We were fortunate enough to have Nine13sports bring their stationary bikes to School 91. They were able to stay for the entire week and give grades 1-8 two opportunities to experience the program. My favorite part was seeing the kids’ excitement when they walked in and saw a new activity. Sometimes I will hear students say that they have never been on a bike before so when they come off a bike with a big smile on their face it is very rewarding. 

The team that runs the program are very professional and independent. As a teacher I can trust them to do their thing in the corner while I do a lesson with the kids waiting their turn for the bikes. They are very positive and encouraging to the students. They emphasize finishing the course and good sportsmanship as opposed to who gets to the end of the course first. This fit right in with my physical education curriculum/philosophy at a Montessori school. 

There are many benefits to having this program come in. Students work on their muscular strength and endurance while maintaining target heart rates for a good length of time. This opportunity also gave students extra confidence and encouragement to get on a bike. I have students with spina bifida and Down syndrome as well as self-contained classrooms of students with autism. All of them were able to participate in this activity and loved it. 

The students and staff here at School 91 thank Nine13sports for this opportunity.


Erin Fox

Physical Education Teacher

IPS School 91 


Nine13sports Letter of Review: Scott Sherry

Chris Harris : December 13, 2016 12:41 pm

I am writing to let everyone at Nine13sports know how much I appreciated the work they did at Clark Elementary school. I really could not believe how involved and excited the Nine13sports staff was to work with our students. They came in everyday with smiles and their upbeat attitudes ready to teach our kids. The students at Clark saw this enthusiasm and could not wait to get on the bikes. The students loved using the bikes, some of which have never even ridden a bike before. To see the students so excited and willing to ride over and over again was awesome. Most of all the fact that Nine13sports even stayed on a Friday night for our family fun festival shows you how dedicated they are to teaching students and their families about the joy of riding a bike. We had many siblings, parents, and even grandparents ride with their students at our festival. This to me was the icing on the cake. This brought in that family connection and I have had many students and parents tell me that they have since  been out on bike rides as family. So, I can not thank Nine13sports enough for their work with our students here at Clark. Thank you and I look forward to working with you again next year.


Scott Sherry 

Physical Education Teacher 

Clark Elementary School 


Nine13sports Letter of Review: Carrie Long

Chris Harris : December 13, 2016 12:36 pm

I can’t say enough about having Nine13sports in our classroom!! Chris and his staff were so accommodating, from my first inquiry email all the way to the very last day in our classroom! I loved that my students spent 5-7 minutes on the bike and were drenched in sweat! The station format allowed us to have between 60-70 students on the bikes during each class period, simply amazing and efficient. Our students are asking every day, “Are the bikes here today?” The computer board adds that little extra piece of competitive motivation that really got my students moving! Students that had shown little interest in any type of cardio activity were riding bikes, sweating, and smiling! As a PE teacher there is nothing more satisfying than seeing sweaty, smiling students! 

Thank you again and we look forward to seeing you again in the spring!


Carrie Long

Physical Education Teacher

Ben Davis Ninth Grade Center



Nine13sports Letter of Review: Paul Trammel

Nine13sports : December 1, 2016 11:58 am

Nine13sports came in, took over, and crushed it! Nine13sports identified something that the kids love to do and use it to promote fitness for a lifetime! The kids loved the cool bikes and the video board was just perfect!

I appreciated that they jumped at the chance to come in a visit our school. Communication over scheduling and expectations was quick, clear, and efficient. I found them to be very nice and easy to work with.

Nine13sports comes in and asks for nothing but a lesson that will allow 8 students to be at their station for 5-10 minutes. The station is set up and ran completely by the great team they have. Nine13 explain everything and get the kids going quickly. The simplicity of the activity and video game aspect allows kids of all ages to enjoy this program. The kids had a blast and so did I!

This program is great for the kids and I would recommend Nine13sports to any school looking for something relevant and fun for the kids to learn a fitness activity they could participate in for a lifetime.


Paul Trammel

Physical Education Teacher

Brownsburg Schools