Programming Overview

Kids Riding Bikes is reshaping Indianapolis

The curriculum delivered by Nine13sports goes beyond the traditional nonprofit and youth sports programs by integrating a year-round, multi-contact turnkey operation focused on several areas of knowledge and skill development. All of the Nine13sports programming will bear the message of overall health and wellness and providing children with additional tools to develop into well-rounded, capable and successful adults. The concepts behind its programming may seem fairly basic but they are far reaching and able to penetrate various facets of community life, serving as a potential lightning rod for success.

The staff of Nine13sports will partner with area schools, public facilities, and other community centers already established with youth programs and deliver its curriculum directly to them and to be conducted in their facilities. The partnership with these established youth program institutions and organizations through Nine13sports’ community outreach allows it to immediately and effectively target youth, ages 5 to 18, and provide a systematic pathway to uniquely inspire, nurture and impact the futures its participants. Bicycling requires hard work, singularity of focus, discipline, sacrifice, compromise, good attitude, teamwork, and a desire to take risks to reach the desired goals and potential. The Nine13sports curriculum offers successful development of those skills at each and every student interaction.



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