Kids Riding Bikes® is our premier program, built around the concept of four separate class interactions that take place during the school day. The focus of this program is to build community and team-building, achieve new personal goals, allow for multiple interactions between participants and the same Nine13sports staff members, and allow for personal growth for each participant.

The bicycle is the ultimate equalizer and allows us to engage with students of all abilities and levels.

Week 1

The first week on location is all about learning. We teach the kids about the bicycle, the programs, and the technology that we use during our Kids Riding Bikes® program. Also, we discuss the rules and expectations that we have. One of our most important rules is that every kid must cross the finish line. Also, we encourage the kids to cheer on their peers if they have already completed the course. Many of the kids have ridden a bike before, but some have not. This gives the Nine13 staff members the opportunity to give hands on attention to the kids that aren’t as familiar with bicycling. During the first week, three courses are introduced. Depending on the age group, the first week of courses are less than a quarter of a mile. These three courses are the easiest and shortest, which allows the kids to get accumulated with riding on the bikes.

Week 2

Having already learned about our program and the bikes they are riding, the second week is built on increasing their bicycling ability. The kids are given longer courses to ride this week, increasing both the time spent on the bikes as well as the distance they cover while riding. The courses are increased in length to a quarter mile or a third of a mile, based on the kids age group and the group’s riding ability. There is an increase in confidence this week as the kids feel more comfortable riding the bikes. With the increase in confidence the kids start being more competitive. Many of the kids race against the time they had the week previous to try and set a personal record for the given course.

Week 3

By week three, the kids are comfortable with riding on the bikes. They are stronger and faster than in the previous two weeks. Each kid rides a total of four, more difficult courses. These courses increase in distance and elevation changes. Kids are able to tackle these more challenging courses because of their previous two weeks of experience. Also, their confidence in themselves has grown tremendously, creating more competition between the riders. Endurance continues to build and carry over to the final week of the program.

Week 4

Week 4 is our last week with the kids. By this time they have been riding longer and more difficult courses. This week we introduce our team building concept to them, which consists of the kids working in two teams of four to get the quickest average time. This allows a different incentive for the kids to ride fast so they can help their team win and it also gets the kids encouraging each other.

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