Position: Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director

Email: thanley@nine13sports.org

Tom Hanley

Tom brings a unique view and dynamic contribution to Nine13sports.  A visionary of the organization’s novel concept, he has been the primary force in evolving the development of Nine13sports. Tom brings youthful enthusiasm coupled with passion and real world experiences as a young professional.  Despite his youth, he delivers outstanding management ability, resourcefulness and ingenuity.  Tom is familiar with the many aspects of the cycling industry through his extensive participation in the sport as a competitive cyclist, employment experience in bicycle retail sales, and beneficial partnerships with bicycle and cycling component manufacturers through sponsorships and product testing.  He is a 2009 graduate from IUPUI, having earned a Bachelor Degree with a personal penchant toward business and law.  In addition, Tom demonstrates an innate entrepreneurial spirit which has been favorably influenced by his experience with family owned businesses.  It is the combination of these experiences and personal characteristics that allows Tom to successfully guide the transition of Nine13sports from a concept to a flourishing nonprofit organization.

As a competitive cyclist, Tom became a four-time USA Cycling National Champion, beginning in 2005, in individual and team track racing.  Cycling has been an integral part of Tom’s life since he was nine years old.  His successes as a young cyclist awarded him a college scholarship and experience in the collegiate cycling arena.  In 2004, he moved from Ohio to Indianapolis in order to train full-time, year-round with his cycling coach, and to reside closer for frequent access to the Major Taylor Velodrome.  Continued achievements in the sport provided many opportunities to be a sponsored cyclist domestically and internationally.

Tom has proven his passion to share the joy he finds on “two wheels,” and recognition of the benefits the sport has afforded him, by spearheading the focus of Nine13sports to inspire, educate and provide hands-on cycling experience to youth in his community.  His passion for the sport is coupled with a sincere philanthropic heart to ensure Nine13sports actively contributes to the equal opportunities and overall well-being and success of the youth in Central Indiana.

The culmination of Tom’s life experiences and choices has matured him into the young professional he demonstrates.  In particular, lessons on the fragility of life, health and relationships were unexpectedly learned in June 2010.  Tom was among 15 injured in a horrific commercial vehicle accident which killed his best friend.  The serious physical injuries he suffered include multiple broken vertebrae, and a brain injury.  These injuries have not allowed him the opportunity to return to competitive cycling and it is not clear if he ever will be able to resume his racing pedigree.  Consequently, Tom is now channeling his enthusiasm and passion for the sport into the interests of Nine13sports.  His commitment to ensure Nine13sports successfully integrates cycling into his community as an educational, influential tool to improve the lives of Central Indiana youth is fueled by the life lessons he has learned.