Nine13sports and Central Indiana Bicycle Association Grant Award 6.20.2012

Indianapolis, IN ─ June 20, 2012 ─ Nine13sports today announced that the Central Indiana Bicycling Association Foundation has generously awarded them a grant. The grant is specified for the procurement of a new trailer that will provide more efficient transportation of program equipment, improved logistics of daily operations, and reduced overhead costs for Nine13sports.

Program Director Ken Nowakowski of Nine13sports said, “Our curriculum is delivered directly to the sites of our community program partners. The equipment used in our programs consists of bicycles, custom modules, and all of the associated technology required to operate those systems. Owning an excellent trailer is a vital and much needed asset for our program operations. The CIBA Foundation grant helps us to acquire this last essential asset and allows us to operate our programs at full capacity with growth potential.”

Previously, Nine13sports rented a small truck on program days, resulting in the constant loading and unloading of equipment with constraints to operations flexibility and availability. The new trailer allows for the scheduling of programs without concerns about added rental costs or availability. Owning a trailer ultimately reflects a direct cost savings that will be redistributed to other program budget needs.

The new trailer also allows for business expansion as additional rider modules are needed and obtained. Nine13sports will experience more efficient equipment handling at partner facilities, versatility in managing daily needs, and better corporate sponsor and donor recognition with the display of logos on the trailer. This opportunity to make countless marketing impressions throughout Central Indiana should appeal to donors and program sponsors since the organization anticipates the trailer will travel over 6,000 miles annually for events.

The Vice President of CIBA Foundation, Skip Higgins, commented, “The CIBA Foundation continuously seeks opportunities to support organizations that our board of directors feels represent the same high standards that we hold for ourselves. Nine13sports has created a unique culture of cycling within the youth communities of Central Indiana and their grant request demonstrates a need for funding that has merit and the ability to immediately aid their goals and programs.”

Nine13sports reached an agreement with a regional manufacturer to purchase the trailer at a reduced cost. The associated trailer costs exceeding the CIBA Foundation grant will be paid out of Nine13sports’ general operating funds. In honor of the donation from the CIBA Foundation, Nine13sports will permanently display the CIBA Foundation logo in several prominent locations on the sides and back of the trailer.

About Nine13sports:
Indy Velo (dba Nine13sports) is a Central Indiana 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that promotes health, wellness, and exercise  for local youth between the ages of 8 and 18, using bicycling as the gateway. We have created a unique program in which we  have integrated the traditional bicycle with technology to provide a turnkey product for youth programs, schools and other  community organizations at no cost to them. In addition to individual betterment of health and fitness, our programs promote community, teamwork and mutual respect for one another. Our vision is to use the art and sport of cycling to teach and  positively influence our participants and leave a lasting impact. For additional information please visit or contact us at

About CIBA Foundation:

The CIBA Foundation is a charitable organization formed and supported by the Central Indiana Bicycling Association. CIBA, a bicycle club with nearly 2,000 members, initially funded the Foundation to provide its members and other interested parties with a method for giving back to the cycling community. Find more information at

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