Patrick Clark
Physical Education Teacher – Athletic Director
The Indianapolis Project School
1145 E. 22nd St Indianapolis, IN 46202

May 21, 2012

To Whom It May Concern:

I have had the privilege of working with Tom, John, and Ken (Nine13sports) for the past six months with groups of students ranging from 4th grade through 8th. Their in-school bicycling program was both relevant and engaging to the students.

Nine13sports is a dedicated and flexible group of individuals that provides an opportunity for students to experience a sport that is fun, and that promotes lifelong health. The program provides all essential equipment and personnel. Having worked with Nine13sports since January 2012 I can attest the program is engaging and individualized to each student. The program is run by a group of caring, involved individuals

The program provides students with a great exercise program that is individualized, with measurable results, to each student. The program emphasized individual growth, and provides hands on instruction in a life long sport. I strongly recommend the implementation of the Nine13sports bicycling program in establishments serving youth.

The program was a great opportunity for our students, and I look forward to further collaborations with Nine13sports. I would be happy to further discuss my recommendation of Nine13sports, and the program they provide.


Patrick Clark – Teacher