Written by: Coach Tom

the staff that make this happen

The staff of Nine13 share equally almost all of the responsibilities–except for website management and digital presence in which I manage it all.  This blog that I launched last May was part of a website remodel that I undertook when our organization was growing and our digital efforts needed to grow as well  It was one more thing that I knew was going to be on my to-do list every morning but it was important to bring the stories and lessons from our daily experiences to our online followers and work to grow that market representation here in Indianapolis.

I’m not sure how many other small non-profits have consistent daily photo blogs like ours, but we work hard to make the content delivered through this unique and fun.  I’ve written posts when sitting at my office desk, at program sites, during holidays, while sitting in airports, in hotels and while sitting at meals.  A post might take 5 minutes or 30 minutes depending on the content and the photo that I’m editing.  I love sitting down and finding which photo I want to use and editing it to help deliver the perfect image.

This blog has grown our website and the traffic we get immensely.  Now we average 125-200 unique hits a day on the blog and bring in 5,000+ hits a month on our blog section.  That’s small in the grand scheme of things but huge in  our world and the message we try to deliver.

Things are changing in a good way here at Nine13, we hope to announce some big news in the next few days, we hope to bring on an additional employee as part of that news and our continued program expansion.  It might have been a steady few months on the face of Nine13 but it has been far from quiet and calm behind the scenes.

We’re just at the beginning of our very big journey and we can’t thank you all enough for your support in these early years of development.