Over the next few days we will be posting reflections on our blog from our 2018 summer interns regarding their experience working with us and a few things they learned. Today, we have Will Davis, who will be starting his senior year at Ball State University here in a few weeks:

During my time here at Nine13sports, I think I have rediscovered a joy of riding bikes and appreciating that they are a great way to socialize and get exercise. I haven’t really been active through the bike in a couple years, and now I feel a desire to ride more, whether that is in my neighborhood or on public streets. I also liked seeing the impact we have on the kids we see. So many of the kids we reach out to live in underserved or low income parts of the city and their parents may not always have the money to buy them a bike, let alone that they are interested. For us to get out and visit them with our set-up, and to see the excitement and determination on their faces really made me feel like we were making a difference. I had one kid at the Boys and Girls Club who came up to me afterwards and gave me a hug saying, “thank you” after we had shut down. That really epitomizes what our company is about, and that was the moment that sort of opened my eyes.