2019 Spring Intern Reflection: Kennedy Broadwell

Wow, I can’t believe my semester with Nine13sports is already coming to a close. This internship has allowed me to grow in ways I could never imagine. During this internship I have learned a number of things.

I have learned to work with various types of people in different aspects of the workforce. Almost every day I was at a different school working with a different gym teacher who ran things a bit differently. Likewise, I also had a different member of our Nine13 staff with me, too. This taught me how to be flexible and how to adjust to different types of people quickly within a work environment.           

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Thanks to this internship I have a lot to be proud of. I currently have four blog posts up on the Nine13sports website. These were fun creative pieces that I normally do not get to do within my journalistic field and allowed me to show off some of my writing skills. Additionally, I was able to post tweets and Instagram posts for the company social media pages. These also allowed me to show off my own creative flair in a public way while also representing the company. This also allowed me to improve on interacting with the children to get good pictures for social media. You learn to say things to make them laugh and get excited so you can get the perfect shot that really represents what we do well.

I think my biggest accomplishment throughout this internship is making connections with the kids I work with on school sites. It’s a great feeling when the kids want to stick around and talk to you after gym class or run up and tell you how much they enjoyed the Kids Riding Bikes program. These times are especially memorable when it was a child’s first time on a bike and now they feel comfortable and confident pedaling on their own.

This internship has opened me up to so many new experiences and people. So many of the skills I have gained from this opportunity will be applicable in other aspects of my life. I am so thankful for Nine13sports and how this internship has allowed me to grow as a person and as a coworker.