A Day in the Life of a Nine13sports Intern by Emily Wilson

What is a day like here at Nine13sports? Luckily it is not the same thing every day, which is great for someone like me who likes to switch things up! I am a part-time intern so I work Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and on occasion Saturday. There is never a week where I am doing the same thing every day. For example, I am either working in the office or assisting with the Kids Riding Bikes program at schools or events. I am usually working with a different staff member every week and I have found all of them to be super friendly and each have taught me something different about working for Nine13sports.

Working in the summer we don’t go to many schools because they are on break, but the first few weeks of my internship the kids were still in school so I was still able to experience the Kids Riding Bikes program in that setting. These are pretty early days because the schools start early and we want to make sure that we are there early enough to set up before the first class begins. To get all the equipment to the schools, another staff member and I take a big van that stores all the equipment. Once we get to the school we set everything up by plugging in the TV, putting the bikes on trainers, and making sure the computer program is running smoothly. Each class period we see a new set of students that come in for their gym class and all the kids usually get so excited when they see us and the bikes. One of the coolest parts of this internship is seeing how excited the kids are about riding the bikes. I hear kids screaming “YESSS BIKESS!” which gets me excited as well! Before the kids start riding, we explain how the program works and make sure all the kids understand the rules. After that we say GO! GO! GO! and help encourage them along the way as they reach the end of each course. I love seeing how much the kids enjoy riding the bikes and you can tell that they are getting good exercise without them even realizing it! After the last class, we take everything down and load it back into the van and head back to the office.

Leading the Kids Riding Bikes program!

Majority of the on-site days during the summer are at special events. We go to various events such as festivals at parks, churches, and hospitals, as well as participate in Project Transformation, summer camps, and Special Olympics. Getting to these places is the same as schools, we take a van full of the equipment and head out. The only difference for setting up at some of these events is our big blow up tent that we use at outdoor events. Usually three staff members will go to these events because setting it up takes a bit more work, but it helps me get some exercise! Once everything is set up, the tasks are fairly similar to the school events by making sure the kids know how the program works. The difference is that the kids come ride and go as they please and even some family members get in on the action. It is fun to see all the families riding together and having a blast. Another task during events is making sure kids aren’t touching the bike tires. We also want to collect some data, so we have a clicker to make sure we count the number of rides we get at each event. After the event, we take everything down and pack it back into the van.

The days that I am not on-site, I am working in the office from 8-4. I was able to pick an area of the business side that I was most interested in gaining experience with. Various areas to pick from were marketing, social media, communications etc. I have been focusing on social media and I have been able to attend meetings, capture photo and video content, and make posts. My office days usually consist of drafting a few captions and posts for upcoming events we have or are promoting. Then I work on projects that I have been given such as creating social media handle spreadsheets or writing blogs (such as this one). I also have a few meetings that I attend, whether that be shadowing business meetings, social media committee meetings, or just catch-up meetings to see how the internship is going. Office days are not as boring as some people may think because there are always assignments to be working on or other interns to chat with and on occasion there may be a dog or two running around!

Overall the day in a life of a Nine13sports intern is never the same! I have variety in my week where I get to do a little bit of everything by being out of the office on site getting to see the program in action and in the office gaining experience on the business side.