We received a moving email yesterday related to our programming at Nora Elementary. We feel fortunate every day to champion the bicycle as an equalizer for students of all abilities and levels and notes like this reinforce why we value our relationship with Special Olympics of Indiana and the dozens of schools we work with that have life skills programs for special needs students.

bikes are an equalizer for all abilities

“The student that I was telling you about is a student who is identified with Autism and he is totally non-verbal. He is a very sweet boy who would love to simply sit and play on the computer or watch television.

He doesn’t do any physical exercise and believes the gym is a very large room to sit on the floor in and will typically not participate in any activity because it does not involve technology.

The first time that you were at Nora with your wonderful bikes, he actually came over to the bikes! This was momentous in itself, but the second time you were here, he was persuaded to get on the bike and by the end of the session, was pedaling independently. You have to understand, that he did not know how to get on the bike, he had to be helped with that. He did not know how to pedal, someone had to put his feet on the pedals and push his feet with their hands! So for him to get off the bike, and be persuaded to come back to the bikes, get on with minimal cueing and then start to pedal by himself, we (who have worked with him for years) were astounded!

I took video and showed it to anyone that would watch because I was so amazed and so happy. We called in others to the gym to see it for themselves! Due to seeing him do so well on your bikes, our staff put a stationary bike into our sensory/break room so that he has that as an option now!

On behalf of this student, and all the students that are benefiting from your program…..Thank you!”