this needs to be in more schools across Central Indiana

Nine13sports has had amazing growth over the last two years that has highlighted the impact we have on Central Indiana and the power of the bicycle as a tool for health and fitness.

Our staff has grown to meet our capacity and we’re currently on track to provide over 25,000 youth interactions in 2016 at our current operating capacity, scaling from the 20,000 interactions we had in 2014.

We’re feeling unbelievably fortunate to have grown our relationships to the point where we have funding and schedules in place that have proved a high demand for our small organization.

And now it’s time to grow our operations in Central Indiana to meet the exploding demand for our services.

Our 2016 goal is to expand from one program team to four over the course of these next months. By adding an additional team, it allows us to schedule an additional 40 school sites per year and create an additional 30,000 youth interactions per team.

My current focus as executive director, in addition to providing Kids Riding Bikes to our existing partners, is to secure the $150,000 it will take to add an additional team and allow for salaries for the three new staff members needed to operate that unit.

Nine13sports has operated as a lean start-up since our beginning and we don’t plan on changing that mentality even as our budget grows; but it’s apparent now more than ever before that we can make a difference in the lives of youth who need it the most as we get kids moving and active in a healthy and different way.

We would not be here today without our amazing partners: Hendricks Regional Health, Peloton Wealth Strategists, Franciscan St. Francis Hospital, Arbor Homes, Bicycle Garage Indy, BGI Fitness, United State of Indiana, Lids Foundation, Finish Line Youth Foundation, Lids Foundation, Regions Bank, Candidio, St. Vincent Hospital, Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital, Major Hospital, Speak Easy and many more.

It’s going to be a busy next five months and we’re glad to have those partners and many new ones who are coming online.

Thanks for all of your support and allowing me to take Nine13sports from idea to the success story it has become today.



Tom Hanley

Executive Director