Written by:
Tom Hanley
Executive Director

It’s been an eventful and exciting time for Nine13sports and the growth we’ve experienced here in Central Indiana and across the country. Not a day goes by that I’m not incredibly humbled by the support others have given my vision and the growth that has resulted from it. As I sit in my office today and look at the work my staff is doing and think to the thousands of youth we have already served in 2015, I can only think of what the future holds and how we can better serve Central Indiana as we find new ways to make an impact.

Jim Douglas (photo courtesy: Zipp Speed Weaponry)

A little over five years ago, in June of 2010, I was on a commercial vehicle that ran a red light in Indianapolis. In a moment, my best friend, Jim Douglas, was killed. I suffered broken vertebra and a brain injury. My life changed in a moment and the decisions I made in the 18 months following the accident are what put me on the path to actually launch Nine13sports. Jim was like an older brother to me, and his passion for bicycles and friendship went hand in hand. Some of my favorite memories with him are riding through Eagle Creek Park, exploring the roads out in Brownsburg, and once (or twice), grabbing a cookie from his parents home in the middle of our bike ride.

Despite his life being cut short at the age of 29, Jim impacted hundreds, if not thousands, of individuals. His smile was legendary, his laugh memorable, and his kindness was overwhelming. He never hesitated to help a friend or a total stranger out and he set the bar high for all of us who knew him to be better humans.

Today, I’m announcing that Nine13sports will be creating a scholarship in Jim’s honor, aptly named, the Jim Douglas Legacy Scholarship. We’re still finalizing details and specifics and over the next few months will continue to share more information, but I can tell you:

  • the scholarship will be available to one senior within a specific school annually
  • it will be a partial scholarship, designed to help decrease the burden for students attending higher education
  • the scholarship will be awarded by a committee comprised of individuals involved with Nine13sports and others who were close with Jim
  • the scholarship will be awarded to the student who sets an example for community impact, love of life, and academic excellence (and we certainly wouldn’t object to a love of the bicycle!)
  • the scholarship will be funded independently from Nine13sports annual operating budget and will stand on its own as a valuable community asset

We will have more information available as we approach October. We also hope to put together a fundraising campaign that will assist in getting this off the ground and hope you’ll consider playing a role within those efforts.

For all Jim did for me in the 6 years I knew him, I’m excited to be able to do something in his honor that helps the youth of Central Indiana.