It was another successful and rewarding week of Kids Riding Bikes® at Shortridge International Baccalaureate High School! Over the past two weeks, our staff has worked diligently to get hundreds of scholars moving through our unique bicycle simulator program during their physical education class. What’s more, many of the individuals have participated in our programming before, therefore, our programming is familiar to them and they revel in the challenge that our program delivers.

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Scholars working hard to improve their health and wellness!

In addition to improving their health and wellness on our bikes, the scholars are being educated on how the bicycle can be used as a viable form of transportation to get to school, around their neighborhood, and to the grocery store, among others. Coupled with the improved healthy lifestyle and transportation benefits, the scholars are learning about how much fun and rewarding living a healthy and active lifestyle can be.

We want to thank and recognize the staff and administration of Shortridge for always giving us the opportunity to work with your students! We’re incredibly proud of the relationship we’ve fostered with your school and it’s an honor of ours to be a part of the Shortridge family!