We’ve got a lot of news in the pipe coming off of last week (which we love), we have one more week in our offices as IPS just started today and we don’t launch till next week, we had a charter school reach out to us on Saturday asking if we might be able to work with them and it’s been a school in our wishlist of getting into.

That’s all great–but that stuff isn’t photos and after all–this is a photo blog with the occasional writing!

While our goal isn’t about getting kids into racing bicycles as there are plenty of other pipelines in place for that, it’s not a far jump to go from the kids in our program with with Coach John, Ken, and Tom:


To being the same age and achieving success through competing as our friends over at Racing for Riley and Bike Line experienced with one of their junior athletes in the State Road Race:

Regardless if the desire is to get on a bike for fun or for competition-the message is to get on a bike for life!