Bulk Food Transport

One of the most important issues facing the most vulnerable residents of Indianapolis is food insecurity – and as unemployment is increasing at an unprecedented rate, the demand on food pantries and agencies has never been greater. We have quickly forged new partnerships with Gleaners & MidWest Food Bank to be able to assist the large number of agencies scattered throughout the city who are making weekly trips with their own staff and less than ideal vehicles to hand load pallets of food and restock their supply.

Utilizing our two truck/trailer rigs that are normally utilized for our Kids Building Bikes and our ExploreIndy Ride programs, we are now making bulk food deliveries 5 days a week and have the capacity to move over 30,000 lbs of food a day from these food banks directly to the agencies. This not only more efficiently serves the community, but also allows the agencies to utilize their staff where they are needed most – on the front lines working with the residents they serve in their area.