Hope you all had a great weekend.

This coming weekend you’ll want to make plans to come by the WTHR Heath & Fitness Expo to experience our nationally recognized bicycle fitness programs in a demo/all-ages program.  Tickets are available for free at the WTHR website (http://www.wthr.com/category/248050/health-fitness-expo) and there will be so many cool fitness things there–you have to make it a “must”!

The other bonus of having the fastest non-profit on 2 wheels being part of the largest fitness event in town?  We bring an awesome set of prizes.  We’ll have 2 bikes and 50+ other prizes of cool stuff.  We’re giving a shout out all week to the shops who hooked us up for the prizes.

Today’s shout-out is to Motion Cycling & Fitness out of Fishers who hooked us up with one of the two grand prizes–a Raleigh Detour comfort bike.  Door prize winners all day long both days–be sure to stop by!