Community Events: What They Do & Why They Are Important to Us by Kennedy Broadwell

For Nine13sports, community events are essential to cultivating deeper engagement with the community. These events give us the opportunity to show more than students what we’re all about. While being in a school setting is great, community events allow older students, parents, etc. to participate in our program.

Community events allow us to work with age ranges that we normally would not see in school. They also allow us to work with different, fun dynamics. My favorite part of community events is when a whole family gets on the bikes together and works as a team until they all cross the finish line.

Mascots have been known to jump on a bike at a few community events we have been at!

Not only are community events a great way for us to showcase who we are, but they’re fun, too. These events connect us to other like-minded individuals who share similar passions. It is not uncommon for us to connect with various forms of athletes, people who are passionate about philanthropy, or teachers who are interested in bringing our program out to their school.

Through engaging with the community in this way, we grow as a company. Not only do we grow in the sense that we become more visible and known, but we all grow as people. By meeting people with different backgrounds and different experiences with bike riding, we gain insight and can grow more organically. This results in us becoming a more successful and well-rounded organization.