his elite team of youth and young-adult racers competes across the United States in Road, Track, Criterium and Cyclocross formats. The team is made up of 10-15 riders and includes both male and female athletes. Their mission is to bridge the gap between youth racing and elite level pro racing for athletes in central Indiana that aspire to one day reach the top levels of the sport of Cycling.  

Team members are learning how to push themselves to find their physical and mental limits during training sessions and competition.  Following the team mantra of “Hard Work Works,” these athletes are developing self-confidence, discipline, and perseverance – all through the power of the bicycle.  

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Left to right: Griffin Raduchel, Anson Sperry, Brody Kelly, Margot Grotland, Luke Moster, Emma Balding, Sarah Banks, Nico Haydar, Katie Smock, Katie Dolen. Not pictured but very much part of the team: Ajay Baker and Braden Reitz.

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