Our executive director, Tom Hanley, has been known to write a thing or two for other websites and media sources.  Earlier this week, Tom had a guest blog published on Bloomerang.co talking about some of the life lessons he has learned while starting Nine13sports.

When I launched Nine13sports at the age of 23, I was a brash and driven kid with a vision of who I wanted our organization to impact, and how we would create change throughout Central Indiana. I knew nothing about nonprofit organizations. I had a lot of street smarts picked up from my youth but had no formal business background, and knew even less about the peculiarities of nonprofit business development. But at 23, I thought I was invincible. If I just shared my vision supporters would come crooning for us.

I was so naïve and foolish in that thinking, I look back and cringe.

Read the rest here…. https://bloomerang.co/blog/when-starting-a-nonprofit-dont-be-a-salesman-be-yourself/