We had a great evening last night at Drake’s Keystone.  They threw an awesome party and our longtime volunteer and advocate for Nine13sports, Larra Overton, represented Nine13 well and brought home $1,000 after finishing 3rd in the tournament.

One of the cool things from last night was that Nine13sports was the only “small” non-profit represented amongst the big ones in town and highlights how far we’ve come in the last 18 months.  We don’t envision ever losing our “small and scrappy” mentality no matter how large we grow and will always view events like last night as incredibly touching displays of community support.

Huge thanks to Larra, the other celebrity dart players and Drake’s for everything you did for us and Indianapolis!

Dave Smiley from the Smiley Radio Show on 99.5 WZPL who loved Nine13sports and chatting with Tom and Larra

Rupert, Tom and Larra

“does this fit inside an ATM?”

Amazing kindness by Drakes


Boomer doesn’t know he is racing on our bikes Saturday

Drake’s was an awesome host

Rupert Boneham and Tom sharing ideas about making Indy better for our youth

Those are some big darts

Lauren Hanley and Larra Overton

Pacers Boomer and Director Hanley’s wife Lauren

a little local coverage from RTV6 and Dave Furst who was throwing for IU Health Riley

warm-up throw

Look at that logo!