The feedback we have gotten over the past 24 hours has been huge.  We’re working with multiple potential donors for the first commitments with hopes of rolling out that news as soon as we can.  We’ve created a buzz in the community which was are biggest goal of all.

The Indy Star did an article online last night:

And they will be doing an article in print tomorrow it sounds like with photos.

Our friends over at BikeLine Carmel wrote on their Facebook wall “This is big! Please share and help our friends at nine13sports do the most good!”

Nine13sports favorite 2nd grade teacher Corey wrote “Congrats and good luck Nine13sports!”

Twitter was ablaze, momentum has picked up on Facebook, we’re fielding interest from multiple media sources.

So as we take advantage of the momentum, as we work hard to grow Nine13sports–lets not forget at the end of the day it’s for the programs and the kids in the picture.