About Us

Nine13sports conducts engaging, youth-focused bicycle programs for K-12 students helping them achieve individual betterment, and our most important asset is our staff. Here at Nine13, we give everything we have to improve the lives of kids all over central Indiana. To be a part of this team, it takes a passion for our vision of using the bicycle as an educational tool as we work alongside educators across central Indiana delivering our programming on a daily basis year round. If you have a willingness to roll up your sleeves and join us, a career at Nine13sports will bring rewards that are as unique as what we do as an organization.

Our Mission

Nine13sports conducts engaging, youth-focused bicycle programs for K-12 students. Students participating in our program system achieve individual betterment by improving their health and wellness, practicing teamwork, exhibiting mutual respect for their classmates, learning safe riding skills and participating in hands on applications that teach science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) principles.

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What makes Nine13 a great place to work?

Below are a few of the most important elements that make up the foundation of our organizational culture:

Working With Kids

Whether you are hired to work full time at our programming sites (schools, community centers, parks) or primarily in one of our administrative roles, everyone spends some time each month with kids as we deliver our programs.

Practice Your Passion

We encourage every team member to practice their passion outside of work. Whether you want to spend time volunteering for another organization, pursuing a hobby, or getting involved with neighborhood projects or city initiatives – all we ask is that you share your experiences & success stories with our team so we can all benefit from them.

Work Environment

Our headquarters is designed to be a comfortable place to work when you aren’t in the field working with kids. Our team enjoys a casual dress code and because we believe that animals can foster a happier workplace our office is pet friendly. We even have an office cat named Wheeler who loves providing us stress relief by purring and allowing us to scratch under her chin and behind her ears.

Work Ethic

While we have a corporate structure and job titles, we are all expected to roll with the punches and jump in to do what it takes to accomplish the mission of getting more Kids Riding Bikes throughout the region. It isn’t uncommon to see executive staff working an event on a weekend or an Intern sitting in on a prospective partner meeting.

Team-building Outings

Because the team isn’t together every day, throughout the year we schedule time to volunteer, play and spend time together. From work projects that benefit other central Indiana organizations, to laser tag outings (as well as team bike rides of course!) we make it a priority to find unique ways to have fun when we aren’t working hard.

Team Identity

The strength of our team is in the diversity of the experiences each of us bring to work and share with each other every day. We will never expect you to be anything besides your awesome self. We are inclusive and welcoming to all.

Fun Facts About Nine13sports

Our first day of programming was February 14th, 2012.

Our logo is inspired by the “tear off” calendars found on the desktops of many teachers when we were growing up. The date chosen to be on the calendar logo is our founder’s birthday.

Our foundational program Kids Riding Bikes is provided at NO CHARGE to the school. Our team works hard to identify and secure funding from philanthropic grants and corporate marketing budgets so kids, educators and schools can benefit from what we do.

Our mobile program format is made possible by a fleet of vehicles that are named after female cartoon characters from our childhoods. April O’Neal, Daphne Blake & Patti Mayonnaise allow us to serve over 50,000 students in over 100 schools a year with our Kids Riding Bikes program.

The truck and trailer rig that serves as our mobile Kids Building Bikes classroom is over 48’ long and was designed to be entirely self-sufficient requiring nothing more than a parking space at our program site. It accommodates 8 students and 2 instructors, has onboard generators that power heaters, air conditioners and lighting. It has additional equipment storage, a security system and even a bathroom.

The panda bear is our unofficial mascot.

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