This weekend was truly special.  We had the chance to work with over 600 athletes and their families at the Special Olympics Indiana Summer Games with our bicycle programs.  Our goal was to highlight what a great tool the bicycle is for fitness and health and what an equalizer it is among all ages and abilities.

We certainly believe we hit this goal and delivered our message in the way everyone who has seen us in action would expect Nine13sports to deliver.  We had athletes who had never been on a bike, athletes who ride a bike all the time, athletes that needed help getting on the bike and once they did were moving fast and athletes that got to ride on our bikes with family members next to them.


Michael Furnish, President & CEO of Special Olympics Indiana: The possibilities for Nine13 and SO Indiana are almost limitless and we look forward to working together in the future

Scott Furnish, Director of Development for Special Olympics Indiana: Truly thrilled you reached out to us and got us involved with the event, the first of many

Jeff Mohler, VP and COO for Special Olympics Indiana: thanks for giving us the chance to work at this incredible event

Stephanie Young, Health Promotion Clinical Director for Special Olympics Indiana and our site liaison for the Games: You hosted one of the most smoothly run events we’ve ever worked at (which is a ton!) and spoiled us with how great everything went throughout the event weekend

Marty Posch, Finish Line Youth Foundation Director: Truly a pleasure to finally meet you and have you see our program setup in action.  Looking forward to meeting with you and finding ways to work together in the future between the FLYF and Nine13

Ashley Gibbons, Finish Line Youth Foundation: Loss for one company is definitely a gain for Marty and the FLYF, great to finally meet you in person after our many digital exchanges–love the excitement and passion you bring to youth fitness and health across Central Indiana

Finish Line/Finish Line Youth Foundation is a huge supporter of Special Olympics Indiana and there was an awesome volunteer staff of Finish Line employees there!

Coach Grant prepping the bikes for the big weekend

smiles and focus while having fun and getting fit!

Coach Ken helping an athlete with their footing on the bicycle pedal

words of encouragement for an athlete on our bikes that was putting in a great performance!

Nine13 was able to offer our programs to athletes and give them a chance to experience something totally different than the norm–we certainly created a buzz and made the point that the bicycle is the best tool for health and fitness!

The calm before the busy day begins on Saturday

Steph Young, Health Promotion Clinical Director for Special Olympics Indiana, stopped by our booth for a ride on our bikes in the midst of her busy weekend at the Games.