We’re never shy to say that kids riding bikes creates a great visual dynamic for video and photography.  We aren’t the only ones to notice that, it seems!

At the beginning of the fall, we were asked to participate in a new filming effort related to some new product roll-outs and creating some video pieces as related to our programs to help us better market ourselves.  We teamed up with 12 Stars and their team of Rocky Walls, Nathan Wilson, Braden Worrell and Zeph Vaughn for 3 weeks of filming to create an awesome visual piece that we will be able to utilize well into the future.

This is one of our favorite shots during filming, our programs didn’t stop or change, we just worked around the cameras and made cool things happen.

Oh, the video? It’s coming soon…!

Braden working around students, bikes and an ongoing physical education class with some high dollar equipment