As of today, I’ve officially been a part of the Nine13sports team for a month and I wanted to write a short post about my experiences integrating into this already amazing organization.

On my first day in a school, Lauren Casey from RTV6 came to shoot a promo about us reaching the top 5 of the Tip the Hat social media contest sponsored by the Lids Foundation. A week later, we found out we’d won. While I wouldn’t call this a traditional start to even a very nontraditional job, it was exciting. From the minute I dawned the Nine13sports logo and started getting kids on bikes I knew that this was an opportunity to be cherished. Not everyone gets to spend their day biking around the city or blowing up giant tents, but I can say with certainty I’ve done both in my first month.

The most important part about our jobs, and mine specifically, is of course the children. Getting up early, traveling to schools, unloading our equipment, and getting #kidsridingbikes is the foundation of what we do. In just a month, I’ve met kids from all over Indiana and seen their faces light up with joy when they come running into gym and see ‘the bike people.’ We truly have a job unlike any other. In my short amount of time with Nine13, I’ve seen kids of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities experience the joy of bike riding.

As this school year winds down, I’m excited to see what summer will have in store for us. Working for Nine13sports has been a blast so far and I’ve got a feeling there’s a lot more to come…