Team Two is out in Plainfield in partnership with Hendricks Regional Health

It’s an exciting day at Nine13sports. Today, for the first time ever, we’re deployed at two schools simultaneously in Central Indiana. Instead of working with 150-200 students in a single day, today we will serve 400.

400 students will ride a bike today because of our programs. About 40 of those students will ride for the first time in their lives.

Now, it was not nearly as simple of a task as it should be. We still have one vehicle for operations that hauls our equipment. We were in a situation where we were able to arrange to drop off one of our two sets of 8 bicycles/technology yesterday evening and will pick it up tomorrow morning. The other set of bikes were deployed to the school site this morning as is traditional and typical in our operations world.

Our staff has divided up to manage both sites and our latest staff hire gave us the ability to have two team members positioned at every site. 

You’ve heard a lot about our growth plans as we wrap up 2016. Simple logistics, like needing a vehicle to be able to deploy two teams every day is an immediate. We’re fortunate to have received a grant from Finish Line Youth Foundation late last year that helped us purchase this second set of equipment.

If we can serve 400 students per day with 2 teams in the field, we


Team One is in Pike Township powered by Lids Foundation

can serve up to 800 per day with our targeted 4 teams in the field. That’s 4,000 students per week, many of which we will see a total of four times over a four week period.

We’re in a spot where we must grow, and today’s beta of two teams further highlights what is possible.

We’re working at a feverish pace to make two schools, three schools, and ultimately  four schools, our norm and not the exception.

Growth is going to be what helps us serve 20 schools per week. It’s going to be the driving force behind serving 30,000 students per year. It’s going to be the method that we use to connect with the community and provide our one of a kind programs.

Thanks for being with us, no matter when you joined our team, you’ve helped us get here and you’ve helped me chase my dream of harnessing the power of two wheels.




Tom HanleyCEO