Five Life Tips That I’ve Taken from Kids by Kennedy Broadwell

The best part about my internship at Nine13sports is also the most rewarding. Through this internship, I have learned that I have a passion for working with kids that I never knew existed. This is because kids teach you so much about yourself and remind you what it’s like to be childlike. While you get to be a role model for them, they get to be one for you, too. Though the list could go on forever, I’ve decided to compile a small list of things I’ve learned from the kids I’ve worked with thus far. I think that kids possess so many amazing qualities that could, and should, be transferred into adulthood.

  1. Curiosity: Kids are infinitely curious. They can ask you a billion questions, and come up with a billion more right after that. Curiosity keeps imagination alive and I think that imagination is one thing that slowly gets stripped away from most of us as adults. That’s why I applaud these kids for asking so many questions. They should keep on thinking and imagining, for they are our future.
  2. Excitement: Kids can get excited about pretty much anything. Every activity is a new opportunity, a new adventure that they get to explore. Imagine if all adults brought a child-like outlook into their workplaces, and used it to pursue their own goals. We would most definitely see an increase in productivity, innovation, and generally, be a lot happier.
  3. Short Memory: One of my favorite qualities kids have is how short their memory is. One minute they can be whining and complaining about how much they do not want to exercise. The second their friend gets into the workout, they are suddenly into it too. Just like that, the poor attitude is gone and there is a giant smile across their face. As adults, I think we sometimes can hold on to things or feelings that restrain us. We to need to let go and just have fun -like kids do!
  4. Persistence: If kids know anything, it’s how to get what they want. They will relentlessly beg and beg until someone gives in. Adults need this as well; to a certain extent. We should not be afraid to ask for what we want or need, and when asking, we should not feel like a burden or annoyance. I challenge adults to be more goal-oriented and really push for their voices to be heard.
  5. Truthfulness: Truthfulness, without a doubt, is my favorite quality kids possess. The way that they speak whatever is on their mind, unfiltered, never fails to make me laugh. Not only does it bring great joy and laughter into my life, but a lesson. If everyone was slightly more transparent with everything they said, life would be so much easier. So much of being a part of this world is communication; that is why I think we should take a little tip from the kids and be more transparent with each other.

These are just a few things I have learned from the kids I’ve worked with. Every day is new and exciting because of them. Through these experiences, I now come to work prepared to learn something new from the kids I have the joy of coaching that day. Through age we may gain knowledge and discipline, however, we should be childlike in the sense that we still possess an enthusiastic outlook on life.