We’re thrilled to announce that our online donation system is up and running using PayPal and we’ve done all the paperwork behind the scenes (submitting NPO paperwork, filings, business information) to get the reduced nonprofit rate on the processing fees to maximize the donations we receive.

So here is the deal–we want to make this thing ROCK!  We’re in serious discussions with several sources related to the $25,000/$225,000 pledge/match but here is our chance to have the community join the efforts and make a statement about what a great organization the public views Nine13sports as.  The community donations have been wanting to grow in the last few months, support like this goes a very long way in the world of corporate donors and Foundations as they love to see the grassroots efforts.  Ultimately, we would LOVE to see 10% of our budget rise out of grassroots donations and another 10% come from unique events earmarked towards donor involvement and with our total annual budget running at $125,000 it’s totally possible.

If helping kids aren’t enough reason and you prefer embarrassment instead–We are here to make you a unique offer for different goals hit in this fundraising push:

$500.00- Coach John in a yoga class wearing a t-shirt with the donor names who helped us get to $500.00

$1000.00- Coach Tom doing the local large bicycle group ride while in a pink tie and dress shirt….for the full two hours

$5000.00- Coach Ken doing a yoga class while in the pink tie with every donor name written on it and dress shirt…..for the full class

$10,000.00- We’ve all see the 2012 USA Olympics Swimming Team music video to “Call Me Maybe”, if we hit $10,000 in personal donations Nine13sports will make our own version of a music video to “Call Me Maybe” and each donor name will scroll across the bottom of the screen as you see us get our funk on…incentive enough?

As a 501(c)(3) donations are tax deductible and go directly back into helping Nine13sports do what we do best–helping kids.  The cost value for each youth interaction is $20–what does it cost to go to a spin class or work with a personal trainer?

Here’s what a donation amount can mean:

$5 means the world
$10 helps make a statement
$20 covers one youth interaction
$50 helps chip away to getting Coach Tom on a bike in a pink tie
$120 covers the cost of one participant for the six week program
$250 Looks like you really want to help get your name on Coach Ken’s yoga tie
$500 Rock our socks off, help a bunch of kids, and you seem pretty focused on watching Coach John sing “Call me Maybe”
$1000 We’re into big donor territory here–email us and figure out a way to have you come on board as a donor or sponsor!

DONATE TODAY: https://nine13sports.org/donate/