What a week!  We’ve been working hard on our efforts with the grassroots fundraising aspect as you’ve all seen in the last week.  I wanted to share with you how it’s been going.

For simplicity sake we’re referring to anything under $2,500 regardless if it is corporate or individual in nature.  The “Grassroots” difference between the two is that any donor level a corporate donor gets logo placement with us and individual donors will get recognized with something really cool we will be rolling out towards the end of the week.

So–in the first 7 days of grassroots fundraising we can successfully say we have brought in $1750.00 already and there is another $1000.00 on the way.


Thanks for showing us anything is possible-Nine13sports still has a long way to go and we’re still asking you to pass along our info, talk us up, pass us along, and help us keep growing.  What you all have to understand is that every little bit puts us closer to our $225,000 goal to match the $25,000 Hanley Family Pledge.

*and yes–Coach John will be doing his yoga promise, Tom will be doing the bike ride, and we’re alarmingly aware that we’re over a 1/4 of the way to a “Call Me Maybe” video…*

We’ll be putting out some press on it next week but we’re thrilled to announce a totally booked Nine13sports semester launching next week.  For the first time ever we’re scheduled with four program partners and this will allow at least 250 kids every week that will get to try our programming every single week.

250 kids all exercising, all having fun with our world class programming and maybe chipping away at the obesity statistics that have been front and center in the news this week.

Need a reason to donate?  Wonder why we love doing our jobs?  These two pictures tell the story better than I could ever write.