Our guest blog today is provided courtesy of first year cycling professional, Johnathan Freter.  He is one of the best and brightest riders of the upcoming generation and after a breakthrough 2013 season, is riding professionally for the Jelly Belly Professional Cycling Team.  Johnathan’s father, Chris, was the first cycling coach for Nine13 Executive Director Tom Hanley and it was that early bond that led Tom to launch Nine13 through the passion that was created in his youth for 2 wheels.

Johnathan Freter with Tom Hanley at an event in September

As a child my bike was my first sense of freedom. As long as I can remember there has always been a bike in some part of my life. Whether it was riding around the shops my dad managed, cheering for my father and Thomas Hanley at local races or requesting my mom to time me as I pedaled as hard as I could around our cul-de-sac, I have always enjoyed the rush that a simple bicycle has proved me.

There is nothing quite like a bike ride. The rush of wind in your face, that sense of freedom that is otherwise impossible to get at a young age, and the simple fact you can go as far as your legs can carry you. Over the years as other interests have come and gone, my bike is still by my side. Actually it is also my future! It has opened up education options that I would have otherwise not been able to afford and given me career to pursue.

Remember as fun as riding is, it is always important to wear a helmet!


Be Safe and have fun!

Johnathan Freter

Jelly Belly Pro Cycling Team presented by Maxxis

Lindenwood University Cycling Team