Go big or go home, right?

We need the help of Indianapolis, we’re working to be able to provide our Kids Riding Bikes programming to two phenomenal Indianapolis Public Schools, Merle Sidener Academy and Center for Inquiry #302.

Why are we crowdfunding this effort?  The answer is simple really, it takes funding to get our six week programming to the schools.  School budgets are tighter than ever (did you know that on average, physical education budgets across the country are just over $750 for the whole year?), and we have not had specific sponsors or donors step up for these two schools.  So we’re bringing a challenge to the people of #Indy and hope you’ll help us achieve our goals.

It’s a big goal for a small non-profit, $10,000 by December 22nd so we can create magic in the lives for several hundred students.  We’ve got some awesome incentives in place for those that want to step up and join our effort, please check out the Indiegogo campaign today and see what level works best for you!

Kids Riding Bikes Indiegogo Campaign