The last week of the LIDS Foundation, Inc. ‘Tip the Hat’ grant competition and we thought it was appropriate to take the time to recognize the incredible people at the foundation and all of the hard work they’ve put forth to get more kids on two wheels. Our relationship with the LIDS Foundation migrated in August of 2014 and has steadily grown each and every year since. In 2014 & 2015, thanks to a micro-grant from the foundation, we were able to get that number gradually increased to five schools. Fast forward to the present day and we’re beyond thrilled to report that we’ve taken our innovative and nationally recognized bicycle program to 25 schools and served just over 5,000 students, ranging from kindergarten all the way up to high school, thanks to our third place finish in the, ‘Tip the Hat’ competition last year.

Not only has the team at LIDS been rock stars in getting more kids on bikes, they’ve incredible in terms of getting us engaged with their employees and involved with their corporate wellness events. In addition to this, they teamed up with us last month to help us build 20 new bikes that we will utilize for our “Week Without Walls” initiative, an educational program in which we spend time enlightening high school students on the lore and rich history of the city of Indianapolis, all on two wheels of course.

Watching the LIDS employees have some fun on our bikes has been one of the many great parts of our relationship with the LIDS Foundation.

Winning this $125,000 would be instrumental and monumental to the short-term and long-term growth of Kids Riding Bikes. It would provide us the opportunity to get 10,000 more kids active and moving on two wheels for the rest of this year and all of 2017. That equals out to 40,000 youth interactions where our dedicated staff members are promoting all of the benefits the bicycle has to offer and how imperative living a healthy and fundamental lifestyle is. This is 10 community events that we’re actively promoting the impact our programming is having on the community, all while getting youth and their families on two wheels.

Even if we don’t end up receiving the $125,000, we still are forever grateful to the team at the LIDS Foundation for everything they’ve allowed our organization to do. From getting more kids on two wheels to helping us build bikes, you’ve demonstrated time and time again that you’re committed to improving the lives of today’s youth. For that, we owe you many thanks.

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