Central Indiana based nonprofit, Nine13sports, is excited to announce that Hull & Knarr, a Central Indiana organization well-known for its work in the area of research and development tax credits for accounting purposes, has committed to a partnership to help support the expansion of their Kids Riding Bikes program.

“The guys at Hull & Knarr have the same passion for entrepreneurship and industry disruption as Nine13, and it is an incredibly logical step to partner with them to create new opportunities and avenues to continue to grow our Kids Riding Bikes programming,” said Tom Hanley, Executive Director at Nine13sports. “Our continued expansion of programs is directly related to our ability to create meaningful relationships with corporations of all sizes, and with adding Hull & Knarr to our team, we continue to highlight the unique nature of our brand appeal.”

This relationship of enriched physical health well-being gives both organizations the opportunity to share with others their mutual passion of bicycling, in addition to creating opportunity to collaborate on new and innovative ideas to help bring Nine13sports nationally recognized school program to more kids throughout Central Indiana.

“We’re excited to support the movement by the great people at Nine13sports,” said Brad Ferrell, Director at Hull & Knarr. “Having lots of fun, getting more people riding bikes, all while helping kids get healthier; what’s not to love about that?!”

Nine13sports groundbreaking bicycling program provides students across the area the opportunity to learn about improved health and overall well-being through the use of stationary bicycle simulators during their physical education class. In the last year, Kids Riding Bikes has brought the health and self-confidence benefits of basic bicycle programming to more than 6,000 Central Indiana youth.

About Nine13sports

Nine13sports is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that promotes health, wellness, and exercise for local youth between the ages of 8 and 18 through our Kids Riding Bikes℠ programs. We have created a unique initiative in which we have integrated the traditional bicycle with technology to provide a turnkey product for youth programs, schools, and other community organizations. In addition to individual betterment of health and fitness, our programs promote community, teamwork, and mutual respect for one another designed to foster a lasting impact. For additional information please visit www.nine13sports.org or email info@nine13sports.org.

About Hull & Knarr

Accountants are simply not trained to answer engineering questions. The IRS uses degreed engineers to audit the R&E credit; your company should have the same advantage. Our team of engineers can quickly understand the projects that your company is working on and how to properly qualify each activity.  Typically, CPA groups only focus on the simple, low hanging fruit of research and development for their clients. A team of pure accountants lacks the expertise to maximize these credits in a manner that will withstand the scrutiny of an IRS or State review(s).  As a result, innovative companies either miss out on precious funds that give them an advantage or run the risk of losing their lucrative credits under audit.  For additional information, please visit www.hullandknarr.com or email info@hullandknarr.com.