thanks Christine for this submission

Back in January we put a call out to Indianapolis photographers (anyone with a smartphone essentially), to help us tackle a side project we are calling “Indianapolis Riding Bikes”.  We got an awesome submission last night and decided to remind you all of what we’re doing now that the weather is finally starting to break.

Original blog here:

Repost from January:

Dear Indianapolis Photography community,

We’re huge fans of your work. You capture the spirit of Indianapolis with each photograph you take. You share the culture and architecture the city has been built on. You enlighten the community to the art and activities that make this city home.

And I’m hoping you can help Nine13sports share our passion.

With your immensely talented photography skills we want to highlight the connection between bicycles and art, bicycles and beauty, and bicycles and our community.

So, we’re putting a call out to you, the photography community.  We hope to find photographers who will take honest, candid and breathtaking photographs around Indianapolis, which showcase bicycles and their role in our daily lives.  We’d love for you to submit 2-4 of their favorite photos to this community effort.

We don’t know where this project will lead. Our goal depends on the feedback we get from you, the artist.  Perhaps this becomes a unique collection we can showcase at an upcoming fundraiser. It will absolutely become and opportunity to partner with other bicycle focused organizations in our town for the common cause of sharing what Indianapolis Riding Bikes looks and feels like.

We want to share these images to share the story of Indianapolis Riding Bikes through social media and our blog, share them with some of the schools we work with and grow the concept moving forward.

We wish we could give you a million good reasons and a million dollars for your contribution. But, we can’t – we’re a small nonprofit driven by passion. We hope you share this passion; passion to support a great cause, passion to share your art and passion to highlight what Indianapolis Riding Bikes means to you.

Will you help us tell this story?

Email our Executive Director, Tom Hanley, for more information: