We have been in A LOT of meetings with potential sponsors and donors over these last few weeks as we work to sustain what we are doing and grow from here.

Running a small NPO is a funny thing, we still are genuinely excited and touched when people donate $10 through the yoga fundraiser, are thrilled when somebody donates $50 after learning about our programs; but last night out of nowhere a $500.00 donation came rolling in from our online donation system.


It’s not the first time we’ve received a $500 check from a private donor, but the timing of it really brought a huge smile to our faces and was a gentle reminder of why we work so hard at Nine13, to help make this great city a better and healthier place.  We’re fortunate to have great supporters and more that are coming on board every single day.

Thanks TW for your donation and your efforts to support what we believe is the most innovative and fasted non-profit on 2 wheels!

your kindness supports programs like this!

your kindness supports programs like this!