Party Pants?  What are those?

They’re what you put on when you’re “ready to rock!”

This is a big day in the world of Nine13sports–the date that we took name after, September 13, which marks Coach Ken turning 56 and Coach Tom turning 26. *and yes-we put on party pants for Coach John’s much later November birthday*

To recap the big news of today:

We announced big news this morning–Mr. Andy Ording has donated a significant contribution to Nine13sports in support of the Hanley Family Philanthropic Challenge.  The donation from Andy marks two milestones at Nine13sports, our first large-scale private donor and our first announced large donation stemming from the Fundraising efforts launched last month.  The first of hopefully several such announcements in the near future.  Press release here:

Nine13sports is hosting a fundraiser social tonight–come and stop by, beer provided by Sun KIng and food provided by MBP Catering.  We’d love to see you and get a few minutes to talk with you.  Info here:

We’re on a program site with Sidener Academy all day today doing what we love–and that is truly the best birthday present we could ever ask for!  But if you want to get us more–feel free to make a donation to Nine13sports today!