Indianapolis, IN – November 6, 2017 – Indianapolis-based Nine13sports has announced the creation of the Kids Building Bikes program beginning in 2018. This will mark the first major program diversification in the organization’s 6-year history.


“The question we hear time and time again from the community, teachers and our corporate funding partners is:  What’s next? What happens after the kids participate in the Kids Riding Bikes program as part of their physical education class?” said Nine13sports CEO Tom Hanley. “Launching Kids Building Bikes is now our answer to that question. We are giving kids the chance to receive a brand-new bike, helmet, and lock, and learn skills that will allow them to enjoy it responsibly and safely. That is really exciting.”


This program will provide students with a hands-on opportunity to learn the fundamentals of bicycle maintenance along with rider safety skills. Similar to our popular Kids Riding Bikes program, Kids Building Bikes will operate on a mobile platform allowing staff to deliver the curriculum at schools, parks and other community engagement locations where the kids are already spending time. The multi session schedule will last 4 weeks and those that complete the requirements of the program will earn a brand new bike.


“Kids Building Bikes will provide so much more than basic know-how for these kids,” said Nine13sports Communications Director Nathan Wilson. “For generations, the bicycle has often served as one of the first ways kids experience a greater amount of independence.  Coupling a new bike with instruction designed to build confidence and mechanical aptitude will create new opportunities for kids to stay active and explore the ever-increasing bicycle infrastructure in their area.  We’re excited about this outcome and how it will help to create stronger communities all over central Indiana.”


Kids Building Bikes is slated to launch in the summer of 2018.