Kids Building Bikes

What is it?

Kids Building Bikes is the newest program launched by Nine13sports as the next step in our efforts to help build a more sustainable, responsible, and inclusive bicycling community in Central Indiana. This program will build on our Kids Riding Bikes program and get brand-new bicycles, helmets, and bike locks into the hands of kids for the very first time in our organization’s history.

This after school program will be conducted at the school in a custom-built goose neck trailer outfitted as a mobile bicycle shop.  Over the course of 4 weeks students will complete 8 hands-on class sessions covering bicycle maintenance, rider safety skills & rules of the road.  Upon completion of the course requirements, each graduate will earn a brand-new bicycle, helmet & lock.

What makes it different?

Kids Building Bikes is a mobile initiative that allows us to go to where the kids already are – places like schools, parks & community centers.   By removing the transportation obstacle for the student, we expand the reach of the program by more broadly & strategically reaching those youth populations who are most in need anywhere across the Central Indiana region.

The focus on mechanical competence provides each student the skills to maintain their new bicycle after the completion of the course.  The training they receive creates self-sufficiency that ensures a greater likelihood they will be able to utilize their bike for years to come.  This aspect of the program also serves as a platform to introduce basic STEM concepts which may become an important part of the student’s career path in the future.

To best prepare them to be able to ride their bikes safely as they explore our city, each participant will go through a rider safety course conducted by law enforcement bicycle patrol officers. This collaboration provides a way of enhancing the community engagement efforts of the local police department, while also providing students with the necessary skills to safely enjoy the newfound freedom a bicycle can provide.

Who is it for?

This program will primarily serve 4th & 5th grade students who are interested in the bicycle, learning safe riding skills and basic mechanical aptitude required to maintain the bicycle they will earn upon completion of the course requirements.  This cross-curricular learning environment will provide instruction in a fun and safe setting for kids who have the coordination, discipline, desire & focus to complete the 16 hours of coursework.