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We both could see his confidence for saying things like, I’ll fix your bike, or even using tools for other thing in the house. He had a different level of confidence after Kids Building Bikes

Linda Adeniyi

KBB Parent

Kids Building Bikes® is a youth empowerment initiative for kids in grades 4th and up. While our Kids Riding Bikes program is the spark that gets kids excited about the bike, Kids Building Bikes is how we are getting bikes into their hands, and it serves as the next step for students on their journey with Nine13sports.

Class sessions are conducted either in the Building Bikes Lab® here in our facility in the Near Northwest neighborhood, or at program partner sites across central Indiana using our mobile Building Bikes Lab – a custom-built trailer that allows us to bring this program to schools, parks and community centers.

Structured as a Learn and Earn program, students increase their mechanical aptitude as they participate in hands-on lessons that teach techniques for assembling and maintaining a bicycle.  During these class sessions many students are working with tools for the very first time and are introduced to STEM principles in a way they have not experienced before – lessons that may become an important part of the student’s career path in the future.

The focus on mechanical competence provides each student each student the skills to maintain their new bicycle after the completion of the course.  This newly acquired self-sufficiency gives each graduate the confidence to ensure they will be able to utilize their bike for years to come as a way of staying physically and mentally healthy as they explore their community, ride to school and commute to their workplace.

By successfully completing the entirety of the program the students earn their very own brand-new bicycle, helmet, lock and a multitool.

During the program participants improve transferrable employability skills such as problem solving, attention to detail, collaboration and perseverance. Before graduating, students will also learn and practice how to follow the rules of the roads, trails, greenways and bike lanes they will encounter as they embark for the many adventures their new bicycle will take them on.


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The Power of the Bicycle