And just like that, our programming at Central Nine Career Center in Greenwood comes to a close. The 5-week program, which was powered by Regions Bank, gave an upwards of 80 students the opportunity to ride our bicycle simulators and learn about the countless benefits the bicycle presents. Also, they were acquainted on how significant exercise and fitness is for their overall health and well-being. Many of the students expressed sadness and heartbreak upon hearing that we were finished with our programming, however, we quickly cheered them up by expressing to them that we’ll be back soon!

The students look on as Coach Ashley educates them about bikes and how they can be used as a catalyst to improve their health.

Being that Central Nine is a area career/technical school, it only made sense that a number of the students showed an interest in the technology behind Kids Riding Bikes℠. Our Executive Director, Tom Hanley, explained to three computer science classes how our unique and innovative system operates and functions.  The students demonstrated a genuine enthusiasm and interest in the system and subsequently, they all hopped on the bikes to check it out for themselves. The 50 students were definitely impressed, and, rather exhausted, after checking it out!

Sometimes students are more interested in the technology rather than the bikes. And we’re definitely okay with that!

A special thanks to Regions Bank for their support of our programs at Central Nine! This wouldn’t have been possible without their great leadership and vision of making a difference, and we genuinely appreciate the hard work you’ve put in to allow us to serve these youth and share our vision of health and fitness.