During the first month of our programming this school year, we’ve had the chance to work with two Indianapolis Public Schools; Clarence Farrington School 61 and Christian Park School 82. Working with these students, similar to all of the other students that ride our bikes, has been an exceptionally rewarding and fulfilling experience. Currently, at School 61, we’re getting ready to deliver our last week of programming to the students on the 30th of September. A considerable focus for us at School 61, parallel to all of the other schools we deliver our programming at, is the significance and importance of wearing a bicycle helmet while riding a bike. Moreover, we’ve witnessed a considerable improvement of the students respective times while riding our bikes. That makes us very happy!

Nothing moves us more than seeing the genuine enjoyment and happiness the students have while riding our bikes.

The students at IPS School 82 are learning how imperative exercise and fitness is for their overall well-being.

At School 82, we’ve been teaching the students the benefits of cycling and how fundamental an active and healthy lifestyle is for their education. At this time, we’re at the halfway point of our programming with the students. We’ve really been pushing them over these past few weeks to find what they are really capable of compared to what they think they are. It’s great to challenge them to find new limits and personal bests as they build self esteem.

The opportunity to deliver our programming to these schools, in addition to having a meaningful and authentic influence on these hundreds of IPS students, wouldn’t be possible without the generous support from the Central Indiana Community Foundation. Thank you so much for everything you do for Kids Riding Bikes℠ and Nine13!