This morning and afternoon, we’ve had the opportunity to deliver our programming for the first time to middle school students out in Martinsville. It’s been a fantastic and electrifying experience for us to be able to get students in new districts on our bikes! A number of the students at Martinsville West Middle School expressed that they ride their bikes on a daily basis and, well, we can definitely tell. A good majority of the students have averaged around 17 – 20 mph on all 3 of our courses today, which is awfully impressive. Not only that, all of the 193 riders we had today have given their best efforts while riding our bikes and that’s all we can ask out of them. The staff at Martinsville has been very welcoming and they’ve provided us with top-notch hospitality during our first visit.

Bringing our Kids Riding Bikes℠ programming to Martinsville wouldn’t have been a possibility without the great people out at Franciscan St. Francis Hospital. Because of your support of Nine13, and your passion of improving the overall health of your community, you’ve given us the chance to make a lifelong and memorable impact on these students!