Kids Riding Bikes® was off and running for the first time in the history of Nine13sports at Avon Middle School North last week! Our staff and interns delivered our programming to the school on Thursday and Friday and were able to get upwards of 200 7th grade students on our bicycle simulators. The youth on our bikes rode anywhere from courses ranging from a quarter mile in length all the way up to six tenths of a mile. Without a doubt, the kids were challenged not only physically, but mentally as well during our first week of programming with them.

Avon North

An aerial view of #KidsRidingBikes last week at Avon Middle School North!

While the students definitely faced a rather demanding first week, they welcomed the opportunity with open arms, laughs, and smiles. The students were incredibly well-behaved, polite, and respectful of the chance to ride our bikes. Moreover, they pushed themselves as individuals, as well as classmates, to improve their overall health, to promote teamwork, mutual respect, resiliency, and sportsmanship. Also, the staff of Avon North Middle School was welcoming and displayed the upmost form of hospitality to our staff and interns.

Avon North 2

We asked this group of students how many of them rode their bikes at home — They all raised their hand!

We’re thrilled to have the chance to bring our bikes to the students of Avon for the next three weeks. Over that time frame, the kids will continue to be tested both physically and mentally. They’ll work to improve and cultivate their overall health and wellness and social relationships with their classmates, in addition to recognizing the benefits of continued physical activity. Lastly, it wouldn’t feel appropriate to not acknowledge our partnership with Hendricks Regional Health and their unbelievable staff that have given us the opportunity to make a fundamental impact on the lives of these kids. Thank you for everything that you do for our organization!