Kids Riding Bikes was busy and active last week as we served upwards of 600 youth at Clark Elementary School in Franklin powered by the LIDS Foundation. This was our first time delivering our innovative and engaging cycling program to the students of Clark and community of Franklin and it was an unquestionably rewarding week working with their youth and administrators. Our staff had the privilege of working with the Kindergarten class all the way up to the 5th grade and, best of all, each and every student had the opportunity to ride our bicycle simulators. 


Not sure there is a gymnasium we have fallen in love with more than this historic gymnasium in Franklin.

As well as getting the youth on our bikes all week during their gym class, our staff stuck around on Friday night to get more kids and the community riding during the schools annual Fall Festival. This event gave us the chance to get the same students on our bikes, in addition to their family and friends! It was wonderful to see the enthusiasm the students had to ride again and to educate their families on all of the components of our programming and the positive impact and lasting influence it’s having on today’s youth. 

Thanks to support from the LIDS Foundation for making this program site possible with their generous support through their 2016 Tip the Hat grant. Your commitment to advancing and improving the health and wellness of our youth is seen every day by our staff one pedal stroke at a time.