Clark-Pleasant Intermediate 2

When the teacher rides, it always draws a crowd!

On Tuesday, March 8th, Kids Riding Bikes was brought to Clark-Pleasant Intermediate School down in Whiteland for the first time! During our first week at Clark-Pleasant, upwards of 300 fifth and sixth graders participated in our programming on Tuesday and Friday. The kids were thrilled to have the chance to ride our bicycle simulators and challenge themselves to better their overall health and fitness. In addition to this, the kids reveled in the opportunity to promote teamwork and mutual respect for their fellow classmates.

Clark-Pleasant Intermediate

Sometimes our staff is the reason a student has a first ever interaction with a bicycle. It’s always amazing to see

Mr. Pieper, the physical education teacher at Clark-Pleasant, has welcomed us with open arms and enjoyed every facet of our programming that we deliver to the kids. As a matter of fact, he challenges the kids once they’re done with our programming to see who’s faster on our bikes. We always enjoy seeing the teachers compete against their students to see who can take home bragging rights (and it’s usually not the teacher)!

This week is our last week at Clark-Pleasant and we’re excited to continue to push the kids to improve their overall health, to show them how much fun and excitement riding a bike is, and to leave a lasting imprint of how significant exercise is to living a fulfilling and rewarding life.