Kids Riding Bikes® spent Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday of this week at Crooked Creek Elementary School and getting their students on our bicycle simulators. While programming at Crooked Creek was different compared to our traditional once a week for four weeks schedule, the overall mission and goals of getting more kids active and healthy on two wheels remained constant.

Our three days at Crooked Creek, although short-lived, was filled with joy and enthusiasm from not only the upwards of 500 students who participated, but our staff as well. A number of students, particularly the Kindergarten and 1st grade students, had never had the pleasure of riding a bike before. Watching the children as they learn to pedal for the first time and the smiles that subsequently follow from the awesomeness of bikes is undoubtedly one of the best perks of doing what we do. Moreover, the kids that participated throughout the three-day window stepped off our bikes with a deep-rooted message of how important exercise and fitness is in leading a healthy lifestyle. Lastly, they recognized how a simple tool as the bicycle can be utilized to achieve this.


Did you know that 10% of the students we work with have never rode a bike before? Indianapolis needs #KidsRidingBikes!

Thank you to The LIDS Foundation for being such an incredible partner of ours and bestowing us the opportunity to create positive and meaningful interactions with thousands of Central Indiana youth each year. Your mission of supporting young people to succeed by engaging them in sports-related activities is molding them into our future leaders and demonstrating to them that they can fulfill their dreams. We couldn’t be more thankful of your support of our organization and all that you do for us!