Last week was a successful and impactful week for Kids Riding Bikes® as upwards of 700 youth participated in our stationary bicycle simulator program at Nora Elementary School. We ran our programming at Nora Monday through Friday and couldn’t be happier with the way the week progressed. In addition to getting the youth moving on our bikes, they learned about the importance of bicycle safety, why living a healthy and active lifestyle is crucial to their overall well-being, and how the bicycle can be utilized as a viable means for transportation. Furthermore, we once again worked with the life skills group at Nora, and the chance to interact and engage with these students always warms the hearts of our staff and brings a smile to our face.

Nora Blog 2

This group of life skills students was fast on our bikes!

Nora is one three elementary schools in Washington Township that we will be delivering our programming to this fall semester. Furthermore, this is the second time Nora’s students have benefited from our unique and innovative cycling program. Similar to our last time serving the school back in the spring of 2014, our staff was treated with genuine hospitality and warmth during our time at Nora. We’re beyond thankful to have the opportunity to work with principals, physical education teachers, and students every week that bring us right into their school and make us feel right at home.

Nora Blog

One of our favorite pictures from last week!

Thank you to the LIDS Foundation, Inc. and Arbor Homes for your commitment to Kids Riding Bikes and giving us the privilege to have a positive and engaging influence on the youth of Central Indiana last week and year-round!