Over the course of the past eight weeks, we had the opportunity to bring our Kids Riding Bikes® programming to Brownsburg East and West Middle Schools, in addition to four weeks at Reagan Elementary School, thanks to our recent partnership with Hendricks Regional Health. Over 2,000 middle schools students participated in our programming during our time in Brownsburg, with upwards of 100 elementary students at Reagan.

Brownsburg Pic 5

It’s an honor to carry the mission forward of getting every student on a bicycle.

What is more, as we traditionally do at all of the schools that we’re blessed to work with, we were able to get the life skills students on our bikes. We believe the bike is an equalizer for all and our programs allow us to integrate life skill students and students with special needs into our regular curriculum. Moreover, the bicycle is a remarkable tool in engaging these students and establishing a positive connection to health and fitness, not to mention witnessing the genuine satisfaction they experience while on our bikes warms the hearts of our staff here at Nine13sports.

Our focal point during our time at Brownsburg was to be the stimulus to getting the kids on their bikes more frequently, especially with the weather beginning to warm up. Over the past 8 weeks, we can undoubtedly say that the kids showed significant improvement over the duration of our programming. We were pleased to see increases in MPH and watts, all while building strength in their muscles and developing their overall endurance on our courses.

Brownsburg Pic 4

Smiling is not an uncommon expression among students on our bikes!

We want to give a special thank you to the students, teachers, and administrators who made our experience at Brownsburg Community School Corporation very memorable and fulfilling. Working at schools such as yours makes our job at Nine13sports extremely gratifying and rewarding. Also, we acknowledge our wonderful relationship with Hendricks Regional Health and everything you do for us here at Nine13sports. Because of you, more than 2,000 students were able to experience the timeless childhood joy of riding a bicycle, and for that we’re thankful.